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How to Create a Google+ Business Page

Google recently announced a new feature similar to Facebook Business pages, Google+ Business pages. With the every growing interest in Google+ this is the perfect time to start your business page, I’ll show you how.


Add the New Twitter Follow Button to Your Website

Twitter recently released a new Follow Button for embedding on websites. Now your website users can follow you on Twitter with one click, instead of needing to visit your actual Twitter webpage and potentially lose track of your website.


Poll – Which Modal Window Option Do YOU Use?

Nobody uses javascript to pop open a new window with an enlarged version of an image anymore, we now use Modal Windows. But with so many options out there, which one should you use? I decided to open up a new poll to see what other designers are using these days for Modal Windows.


Javascript SpryAssets Accordion Download

I recently created an accordion for a client’s website using Dreamweaver’s SpryAssets Javascript / CSS feature. It didn’t end up getting used on the website, so I decided to provide it as a free download. Check out the demo, download the files, customize and enjoy! View Demo Download Files

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