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10 Great WordCamp Website Designs

WordCamp is a conference for WordPress designers and developers. The meetups are all over the country and world. Each WordCamp has it’s own website, each with it’s own designs. Here is a roundup of ten great WordCamp designs.


A Look at the Apple Linen Texture Website Design Trend

If you have an iPhone you are most likely familiar with the Apple Linen Texture. Lots of web designers have picked up on this texture, and have used it in their website designs. I’ll show you a few of these designs, and also resources where you can download your own Apple linen texture, and even a tutorial to create your own.


50 Pricing Table Designs for Your Inspiration

While working on a website lately I was put in charge of creating a Pricing Table. We’ve all seen pricing tables on websites; on sites that sell or lease products, software, etc. After looking around online at different pricing tables I found (after clicking through to the linked tables / websites), that most of these galleries are outdated. So I decided to make my own pricing table gallery. Enjoy!

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