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How to Create a Google+ Business Page

Google recently announced a new feature similar to Facebook Business pages, Google+ Business pages. With the every growing interest in Google+ this is the perfect time to start your business page, I’ll show you how.


New Poll – How do YOU write CSS class names?

Over the years I’ve worked with a lot of different ‘coders’, and have seen a variety of ways to write CSS class names. I decided to open up a poll to see what other designers / developers thought was the best way to write these names.


A Look at the Apple Linen Texture Website Design Trend

If you have an iPhone you are most likely familiar with the Apple Linen Texture. Lots of web designers have picked up on this texture, and have used it in their website designs. I’ll show you a few of these designs, and also resources where you can download your own Apple linen texture, and even a tutorial to create your own.


Poll – Which Modal Window Option Do YOU Use?

Nobody uses javascript to pop open a new window with an enlarged version of an image anymore, we now use Modal Windows. But with so many options out there, which one should you use? I decided to open up a new poll to see what other designers are using these days for Modal Windows.


Poll Results – How do YOU write Phone Numbers?

I opened a poll asking a question about one specific part of website design, how to write phone numbers. there are a few different formats you can write them: (978) 555-1234 or 978-555-1234 or 978.555.1234. So 300 voters later I’m closing the poll. I find the results pretty interesting,


New Poll – How do YOU write Phone Numbers?

Maybe it’s the graphic designer in me that gives me such “attention to detail”. There are a lot of ways of writing the same things, and as a designer there are certain instances of this that I see all the time. One example is phone numbers. There are three common ways of writing phone numbers, all of which I see on different websites daily. This leads me to ask the question:


How to create a custom iPhone icon for your website

Here’s a quick way to further enhance the branding of your website. If you don’t have an iPhone go get one. Then try bookmarking your website; (go to a website in your iPhone Safari browser, hit the + symbol, and hit “Add Bookmark“). What this does is take a small screenshot of the webpage and […]


Booq Folee 2 Messenger Bag Review

As a freelance designer I always have a ton of stuff to carry around with me. Recently I decided it was time to get a new messenger bag that could better meet my needs than the leather one I was using. Now, when it comes to making purchases, I’m a little picky. So of course […]

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