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How to Create a Google+ Business Page

Google recently announced a new feature similar to Facebook Business pages, Google+ Business pages. With the every growing interest in Google+ this is the perfect time to start your business page, I’ll show you how.


New Poll – How do YOU write CSS class names?

Over the years I’ve worked with a lot of different ‘coders’, and have seen a variety of ways to write CSS class names. I decided to open up a poll to see what other designers / developers thought was the best way to write these names.


A Look at the Apple Linen Texture Website Design Trend

If you have an iPhone you are most likely familiar with the Apple Linen Texture. Lots of web designers have picked up on this texture, and have used it in their website designs. I’ll show you a few of these designs, and also resources where you can download your own Apple linen texture, and even a tutorial to create your own.

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